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Jack Harlow’s Mom Teaches Kosair Charities Volunteers to (w)Rap

“All it takes to be a good wrapper is heart and patience, the same stuff Kosair Charities has been doing for 100 years,” said Maggie Harlow in a video released early on this Giving Tuesday by Kosair Charities. Harlow knows a thing or two about wrapping and rapping. The well-respected Louisville business owner is also the mother of Grammy-nominated rapper Jack Harlow.

The tongue-in-cheek video shows “Mama Harlow” telling the story of teaching her son how to wrap presents during the holidays, a struggle she kiddingly says, “may have been my hardest job as a mom. But I love my son and refused to give up!” Maggie is then called into service to help Kosair Kids by teaching Kosair Charities volunteers how to become wrap stars of their own right and prepare the 2,000 packages Santa will hand out at the Kosair Charities Holiday Party on Sunday, December 4.

“Maggie Harlow’s love for kids and her community were shining bright during the making of the video,” said Kosair Charities President Barry Dunn. “The joy she brought to this fun project was infectious and spread to everyone involved. Her passion for children of all abilities will have a direct impact on Kosair Kids and their families who rely upon our upcoming celebration as their source of holiday cheer.”

Giving Tuesday is a globally recognized day of philanthropy. While Kosair Charities is collecting donations that will fund medical treatment, equipment, therapy, special events, and the fight to end child abuse and neglect, volunteers will also give of their time to wrap presents for the upcoming party.

Although Maggie Harlow WILL NOT BE WRAPPING WITH US TODAY, many other volunteers will be, and we welcome you to stop by for a story to help you “wrap up” your Giving Tuesday news coverage. Volunteers are available from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., today, Tuesday, November 29 at the Kosair Charities offices on Eastern Parkway.

Click here to watch Maggie Harlow, Best (W)rapping Mother video.

When: 10 a.m. until 2 p.m., Tuesday, November 29.

Where: 982 Eastern Parkway, Louisville.

Who: Kosair Charities volunteers and staff will be available as they wrap presents.

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