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Kosair Kid: Addi

“I can ride my bike with only one arm!”

Kosair Kid Addi really wants you to know her fun fact. This inspirational seven-year-old is filled with wonder and love. Mom Sara and Dad Justin call her their spunky, active, and helpful little girl, but they weren’t always sure it would be that way.

Addi was born with amniotic band syndrome, which resulted in the loss of her left arm from the elbow down and indented skin markings on her legs. Sarah and Justin were completely unaware of the situation until Addi was born eight weeks prematurely.

“We were shocked to learn of her diagnosis and how ‘normal life’ was going to look for her in the future,” said Sara. “We had lots of unanswered questions, to say the least.”

Addi’s condition required multiple surgeries to correct the band on her legs. Your generosity removed her family's financial worry.

“Thank you! Without you, Addi would not have been able to get the medical treatment she needed,” Justin said. “It was a relief knowing that she could have the medical procedures she needed when we could not pay for it.”

Thanks to your generosity, Kosair Kid Addi is thriving. She enjoys dancing, jumping on a trampoline, and reading her favorite book “Green Eggs & Ham.”

Addi On Her Bike

Kosair Kid: Levi

Levi is a resilient little boy who enjoys strawberry and banana yogurt, Daniel Tiger, and being a big brother.

When Levi was diagnosed with leukemia at three years old, his parents, Ashley and Jon, felt lost and terrified. No one is prepared to learn their child has cancer. With Jon in dental school and Ashley working full time in addition to having a newborn at home, the thought of what was to come was overwhelming and scary.

“The fear of Levi’s future, the time that was needed for treatment, the unexpected financial stress was all too much for us to bear,” Ashley explained.

The Petries found relief when they learned about the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program. The help they received from your donations allowed them to focus on Levi’s care without financial worry. Your generosity also allowed them to tend to their newborn and keep Jon on track to graduate.

Like all parents, the Petries hope their son will live a long, healthy, and happy life. They’re inspired by Levi’s resilient spirit and grateful you have made this fight easier for them to endure. 

Ashley had this message for you, our wonderful donors: “We are so thankful for your kindness and generosity. We are beyond grateful for your help in such a stressful time of our lives.”


Levi Petrie Pic 7

Kosair Kids: Miller and Jaxon

The Taylors are parents to two Kosair Kids – brothers Miller IV and Jaxon were both diagnosed with hearing loss at a young age.

At three years old, Miller’s parents noticed a speech delay and frustration in their son. Audiologists performed a sedated ABR hearing test, which determined he had bilateral hearing loss. That came as a shock to his family because he had passed his newborn screening.

“We were sad and afraid. Afraid for the future and what that looked like for Miller. I felt guilty for not knowing sooner,” explained Mom, November.

Miller’s journey helped audiologists diagnose his brother Jaxon with bilateral hearing loss earlier, as a newborn. Thanks to your generosity, both brothers received the hearing aids needed to excel and follow their dreams.

“The Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program funding prevented a delay in treatment for our children,” explained Dad, Miller III. “Kosair for Kids has been a blessing. When Miller has lost hearing aids or needed new aids, you’ve always been there to help with the high cost of the aids after insurance coverage. Kosair for Kids deeply cares about children in the community. The staff are friendly and caring and put the kids first.”

Miller And Jaxon

Kosair Kid: Luciana

Luciana is an intelligent, creative, and funny little girl who loves Christmas stories, playing soccer, and telling jokes in Spanish. You’d never know it by her sweet smile, but Luciana has battled a life-altering disease.

What started with a fever culminated in a leukemia diagnosis at three years old. It came as a shock because Luciana was an otherwise healthy and energetic child. Her parents, Karla and Adan, suddenly feared they could lose their only child.

Through the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program, funded by your generosity, Luciana received the best urgent medical treatment possible without adding additional burdens on her family. It brought them peace and relief during an uncertain time.

“If it weren’t for Kosair for Kids, we would not have been able to cover the cost of Luciana’s treatment,” Adan explained.

Luciana wants to grow up to become a pediatric oncologist and help kids like her who are fighting cancer. Karla and Adan hope their self-determined princess grows into a healthy and compassionate adult who helps others the way strangers have helped them.

Karla wants you and others whose compassion allowed them to concentrate on what is most precious in their lives to know this, “I would like to thank them from the bottom of our hearts since we were able to focus more on the well-being of our daughter without thinking about the financial difficulties of her treatment. Thank you for being there for us!” 

Jms 3777

Kosair Kid: Sloane

You are making a difference for Kosair Kids and families like the Grants — Katie, Nick, and their daughter, Sloane.

Katie and Nick do not define Sloane by her special needs, but by the milestones she reaches, and their hopes and dreams for her future. Even when they share stories of their hardest days with Sloane — from her diagnoses of a heart defect and Down syndrome to her traumatic brain injury that affected her development — they always focus on the joyful moments. Katie and Nick cherish special moments as Sloane shows progress thanks to therapies she receives at Kosair for Kids' grant-supported organizations.

Sloane has access to crucial therapies — including equine, aqua, feeding, speech, and physical — which help her progress every day through Kosair for Kids' grant-supported organizations. Now, she is moving her arms and legs more, holding her head up, and working on rolling over. Sloane also has costly medical equipment and care she needs thanks to the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program.

“It is a relief knowing that we have Kosair for Kids' community of support,” Katie said. “Sloane is getting everything she needs, because of you all.”

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