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Kosair Charities Announces Board Member Retirement

Louisville, KY— August 7, 2020 — Longtime Kosair Charities board member, Jerry Ward, has announced his retirement. In his 17 years on the board, he has not only overseen supporting hundreds of organizations whose sole mission is to help kids, but is also one of the founders of the Kosair Charities’ Advisory Council, Face It Movement, oversaw the awarding of hundreds of millions of dollars to agencies who assist children, expanded Kosair Charities reach by opening an East End Facility and office in Shelbyville, KY and dedicated much of his life to helping kids.

As Kosair Charities looks to the future, the following immediate actions have been and are being taken by the organization:

  • Establishment of a committee composed of board, advisory council, staff, and philanthropic leaders to review policies and make recommendations to ensure a culturally diverse and race sensitive culture and organization.

  • Review of all procedures, specifically recruitment, retention, vendor, and procurement policies, with the assistance of vetted partners and resources.

  • Continue funding diverse and equitable causes and organizations ensuring kids in every community have the resources needed to reach their full potential.

Kosair Charities will continue to focus on improving the lives of all children across the Commonwealth as it has done for 97 years. We will not stop until all children can grow up happy, healthy, and safe.

As a society we are at a pivotal point. Together we will continue to listen, learn, and collaborate. Words will be backed up with action through our gifts and grants program, internal and external committees, and policy review to safeguard against any harm to our community and our mission.

We realize we live in a world that is demanding change and are ready to lead that change. We look forward to collectively laying a foundation to celebrate not only 100 years, but progress into a modern and evolved organization laying a foundation for the next 100 years.

Keith Inman
President, Kosair Charities

About the Organization

Kosair Charities enhances the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services, and child advocacy. We envision a world in which children in need live life to the fullest. To make this possible, in the last 5 years alone Kosair Charities has granted over $50 million dollars to hundreds of organizations who help children statewide, as well as assisted families directly through the Kosair Kids Program. Watch a video about Kosair Kid ® Henry, who is now reaching his full potential because of Kosair Charities. For more information, visit
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