Keith Inman Statement on Jerry Ward's Resignation

For 95 years Kosair Charities has been improving the lives of kids. I came here to continue the mission. That is our focus.

Jerry's done a great job. During his time as board chair, the organization grew and was able to help more children every year.

The social media posts on Jerry's personal social media accounts do not reflect the opinion of Kosair Charities.

As we are entering in our grant season, we are looking forward to helping over 200 children's organizations again this year.

About Kosair Charities: Since 1923 Kosair Charities has had one primary mission – helping children in need. Kosair Charities knows that the quality of a child’s tomorrow depends largely on the quality of health, medical treatment, and support a child receives today. Kosair Charities supports over 100 pediatric agencies in our community by donating funding for research, clinical services, health education and care every year. For more information please visit or call 502.637.7696. Follow Kosair Charities on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.
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