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Patrick And Janice Miller

Kosair Kids: Patrick Miller - The Kosair KidsĀ® Entertainer

Patrick Miller is well known for captivating a room. During Kosair Charities’ Board meetings, he discusses the future of Kosair Kids in the very same room he shared with fellow patients over 70 years ago. Patrick has spent his life with Kosair Charities, and even as a patient, has brought joy to Kosair Kids every step of the way.

Patrick’s journey with Kosair Charities began shortly after birth when he was born with bilateral club feet. His treatments required numerous casts and surgeries until he was 17 years old, spending months at a time at Kosair Crippled Children Hospital (now Kosair Charities) on Eastern Parkway. Patrick still speaks fondly of his time as a Kosair Kid, remembering the names of staff that helped him recover and, more importantly, the roommates that helped him pull off pranks. 

As a patient, Patrick went the extra mile to make his fellow patients laugh or gain the occasional grin from a nurse. When he finished his treatments, Patrick returned to Kosair as an orderly, where he began bringing musical acts to perform for the patients. Once the doctors saw these otherwise immobile children dancing during the performances, Patrick’s efforts turned from contacting local radio stations to contacting talent agents. Soon, Patrick was selling the hottest ticket in town, a chance to perform for Kosair Kids - something that caught the eye of the Beach Boys. After their impromptu performance, the Beach Boys gifted autographed albums to the patients. When asked how it felt to be responsible for such a significant memory for so many kids, Patrick just smiled. “It’s just what I’ve enjoyed doing,” he said. 

That much is evident. As Patrick ventured into adulthood, he saw an opportunity for a new hobby to bring joy to Kosair Kids. During a Murder Mystery Party, Patrick leaned into his assigned character, a magician. Soon, he and his wife Janice began performing magic for friends and family, then for the community. As the duo’s magic talents grew, Patrick and Janice decided to donate the proceeds of their shows to Kosair Charities, once again giving back through the power of entertainment. 

Patrick’s passion for helping children comes from his own childhood experience. “I saw it growing up. Children with that much to overcome, they grow up with more strength and resilience. They just need the chance.” That mentality has been forefront in Patrick’s mind as a volunteer.

Patrick and Janice are looking forward to another year of entertaining during the Las Vegas style magic show, The Magic and The Wonder, on October 16th. This year, Bob Brizendine will emcee as Greg Frewin, The Great Kaplan, Dinky Gowen, and Patrick and Janice Miller wow hundreds of guests at The Kentucky Center. To sponsor the event or buy tickets, contact our offices at 502-637-7696. To follow the Millers’ lead and bring joy to Kosair Kids, go to

Patrick Miller At Kosair Crippled Children Hospital

- Kosair Kid Patrick at Kosair Crippled Children Hospital in the 1950s
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