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Kosair Charities President to Retire

Inman to retire after 42-year career

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (October 29, 2021) Keith Inman, president of Kosair Charities, will retire December 31, 2021, after four years with the organization and a prestigious 42-year career. Kosair Charities has a long tradition of enhancing the health and well-being of children by delivering financial support for healthcare, research, education, social services and child advocacy. The organization will be led by the Board of Directors in coordination with the senior leadership team, while a replacement search is planned. Inman announced his retirement to the Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and staff ahead of the public announcement.

Keith’s career highlights include serving as president of the Jim Valvano Foundation, as executive director of Jewish Hospital Foundation, as senior vice president of external relations at Jewish Hospital & St. Mary’s Healthcare, as the University of Louisville vice president for advancement, and leading Kosair Charities as its president since 2017.

A recent economic impact study found that over a roughly 5-year period (cumulative) and after adjusting for inflation, the estimated overall economic impact of Kosair Charities was:

1.       A $231.7 million contribution to US Gross Domestic Product, $226.7 million of which was in the Louisville metropolitan region in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

2.       The creation or support of around 1,631 jobs, of which 1,598 were in the Louisville metropolitan region.

3.       The generation of around $22 million in local, state, and federal taxes, of which around $21.5 million was in the Louisville metropolitan region.

While Inman served as president for much of this time, none of these accomplishments could have been possible without the collective dedication and expertise of the Kosair Charities Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and staff. As one of his final acts, Inman announced a Kosair Charities grant of $6.4 to the University of Louisville. This represents one of the 83 nonprofit organizations to receive a grant. This year, led by the Kosair Charities Board of Directors, those nonprofits were awarded $17 million total in grant commitments.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire staff, we stand in appreciation of Keith’s service over the past 4 years,” says Ken Reiss, Chair of Kosair Charities Board of Directors. “Kosair Charities mission has and always will be to enhance the health and well-being of all children. We collectively thank Keith for being an important part of this mission and wish him a very happy retirement.” 

“I have mixed feelings about relinquishing the helm of this storied organization, for the urge to help our community is in every fiber of my being, and there are few better places to accomplish that than as President of Kosair Charities,” Inman said. “I have followed my passion since the very beginning of my career – to tirelessly promote health, education, and equality in my community. I have been blessed to do this across the healthcare and higher education arenas, and now through the grant-making largesse of Kosair Charities.”

“But it’s time to pass the torch. While I will be turning the reins over to my successor, my hope is to continue my involvement in the community, likely through a combination of volunteer work and consulting, while also having more time to enjoy my wonderful family,” Inman stated. 

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