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Logan 5068

Kosair Kids: Logan

Logan, now 4, suffered a spinal cord injury at just 12 days old and needed a ventilator to breathe. He was unable to live the life of a typical child due to many complications.

Looking for experts in pediatric spinal cord injury, Logan’s mom, Vicky, found the Kosair Charities Center for Pediatric NeuroRecovery at the University of Louisville. Led by UofL researcher and physical therapist, Dr. Andrea Behrman, the sole focus of the Center’s program is recovery from paralysis through activity-based therapy.

When Logan arrived at the Center, he was unable to control his head, sit without full support, use his arms, or breathe on his own. Logan needed critical activity-based therapy, something his family’s insurance would not fully cover.

Thanks to our generous donors, Logan gets the therapy he needs five days a week. After more than 13 months of therapy, he can hold up and turn his head, move both arms, laugh, smile, and breathe without a ventilator. He becomes more social and vocal each day, allowing him to express his opinions and follow directions better. He has even started to eat by mouth, making him one step closer to removing his tracheostomy tube.

Without your support, the Kosair Kids Financial Assistance Program would not exist, and children like Logan would not receive the medical care they need to celebrate their next milestone.

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